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Hi there! From Roselle Park, New Jersey, I'm a BA/MHS student at Johns Hopkins University interested in improving population health and neurodegenerative disease research. As President of the JHU Class of 2020, I work to promote class unity and serve as an advocate for student interests.

After earning my Bachelor of Arts degrees in Public Health and Natural Sciences Area in May 2020, I plan on continuing my studies towards a Master of Health Science degree in Environmental Health (expected May 2021) at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.



Through my experiences, I've developed a passion for civic engagement, health policy & management, medical humanities, and science and technology. Connect with me to follow my work!

Senior Class President ('20) at
The Johns Hopkins University

(former) Co-Director of
Osler Medical Symposium

(former) Finance Director at
Hippocrates Med Review

(former) President of Hopkins for the Elderly

CNN Nancy Pelosi Town Hall

CNN Town Hall with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

JHU Students with Nancy Pelosi
Pavan & Nancy Pelosi

Q: What did you think of Trump's comments on Baltimore and what is your vision to improve cities like it?
Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi

DECEMBER 5, 2019 | Your brother, Tommy D'Alesandro III, led Baltimore during the 1968 riots following the assassination of MLK. How do President Trump's recent comments disparaging Baltimore as a rat-infested city make you feel and what is your vision for improving the conditions of cities like Baltimore across the country? Click here to watch!

Selected Publications

Providing Useful Hospital Pricing Information To Patients: Lessons From Voluntary Price Disclosure

Health Affairs Blog. April 2019
G Bai, P Patel, M Makary, D Hyman

Examining the Target Population of Orphan Drugs: Are Drugs Exceeding the Intended Purposes of The Orphan Drug Act?

Value in Health Journal. May 2018
MP Socal, P Patel, S Parasrampuria, WV Padula, G Anderson